Wavertree Apartments


Nestled in the heart of America’s largest contiguous Ponderosa Pine Forest, Wavertree Apartments is a locally owned establishment offering a practical solution for affordable housing in Flagstaff, Arizona!

Conveniently located in a cozy neighborhood within walking distance of Northern Arizona University (NAU), Coconino Community College (CCC), and downtown Flagstaff, Wavertree residents are within arms-reach of campus resources, shopping, dining and community events. Each room is leased individually with all utilities included and no pets allowed, making Wavertree Apartments the simple choice for those looking for hassle-free housing. The shared living environment provides the opportunity to make new friends, while still maintaining a quiet atmosphere.

Why Wavertree?

  • location

    Wavertree is located within a 10 minute walk or 5 minute bike ride of campus. City bus stops, the Urban Trail, and numerous shopping and dining venues are located less than a mile away! Click here for a list of other nearby attractions in Flagstaff.

  • single monthly payment

    "One payment makes budgeting so much easier! Having all my utilities included in the rent means I don’t have to constantly remind my roommates to pay their portion of the bills every month."

  • individual leases

    At Wavertree Apartments, each room is on an individual lease, meaning tenants are only responsible for the rent of their own room!

  • private bathrooms

    "Having my own bathroom is such a luxury after having to share one with the entire floor in the dorm."

  • safety and sense of community

    "I feel completely safe in the complex, as well as the surrounding neighborhood. Wavertree is quiet and the people here are friendly."

  • roommate matching

    If you don’t have roommates in mind and only need a single room, we match compatible tenants based on the information you provide in the rental application. 

  • spacious floorplans

    Wavertree offers spacious kitchens including individual pantries, and additional storage areas. Each bedroom has its own bathroom, a vanity area with sink, a desk/study area, and a walk-in closet with a chest of drawers. Upstairs units have vaulted ceilings and balconies!

  • laundry facilities

    No more sharing a laundry room with everyone who lives in the dorm. Washers and Dryers are conveniently located in every apartment common area!